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Smoked Sandalwood

Smoked Sandalwood

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PURE FRAGRANCE: 605Products brings you a fragrance that has been crafted by world-class perfumers to reinvigorate your surroundings. The Luxury Home air freshener is a 100% pure fragrance that contains a proprietary blend of essential oils.

HOME OFFICE SMELLS SO GOOD: Who doesn't want to have a fresh scent? This spray with an alluring Smoked Sandalwood fragrance will give you a refreshing feeling as you drive. Spice up your auto, home or office with a unique fragrance scent!

FRAGRANT AMBIANCE FOR HOME & AUTO: Long drives with unpleasant-smelling car scents are something every traveler dreads. With a delightful smell, this car air freshener will eliminate all bad odors and keep you relaxed and in a pleasant frame of mind.

MESS-FREE FRAGRANCE: The whole scented air refresher comes in a spill-free bottle and is easy to use. Just spray the Smoked Sandalwood air freshener around, and you have a wonderful fresh smell that will energize your senses.

Distilled Water, Juniperus Berries, Linseed, Benzoin, Oak, Sandalwood, Amber

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6" x 2.5" x 4

Product Instructions

  1. Spray dogs coat from 6 inches away as needed while avoiding face and eyes.
  2. Apply until coat is damp but not wet for maximum de-stinking.
  3. Brush gently.

*Fragrance made to last 12-24 hours

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Susannah S.
Fantastic Quality

I love all of the different fragrances that 605 Products offers. The bottles are large and will last a really long time. Such a good value and it doesn’t take a lot to make the room smell great. I’m keeping one in the family car, one in the kitchen, and one in each bathroom. The whole family seems to be enjoying the variety of scents. There is no residue left behind from the spritz either. I like the black glads bottles and the minimal yet modern designs. I read that some customers experienced leaking upon arrival but I did not have that experience so I believe that issue has been solved by seller. These would make for a wonderful stocking stuffer!

Leda Munoz
The fragnance

I love the fragnance and the price. Very affordable

Iyabokola Robinson
Luxury Hotel Scent

I bought this on a whim. Fingers crossed, hoping this scent would smell like a luxury hotel I recently visited in Tyson's Corner. It is perfect. It smells so refreshing and sophisticated. I've added this to my essentials list and will be adding it to my subscribe/save list also. The concentrated scent permeates my rooms within seconds and doesn't require a lot of pumps. The dark glass bottle design will protect the fragrance and keep it from breaking down, losing its potency.

F Doggett
Love this!

This is the best room fragrance I've ever used. This is my second time I've ordered it- love the new bottle- looks so pretty. And the scent is incredible. My husband loves the sandalwood. Thank you 605 for the wonderful and consistent service and products!