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You have to see it work to believe it. Now cleaning up oil spills can be done quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. All you need is BrownSorb™ and a broom!

Oil spills don’t stand a chance against BrownSorb Absorbent. Upon contact, BrownSorb instantly absorbs, encapsulates, and never lets go of any type of oil spill on soil, grass and all solid surfaces. Effective on diesel fuel, lubricants, hydraulic fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, cutting fluids and many others.

BrownSorb is by far the most cost-effective way to solidify and encapsulate oil-based liquids.

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Key Benefits

Powerful Absorbents for Oil Spills

Super-absorbent for land-based oil spills

Oil spills don’t stand a chance against BrownSorb. BrownSorb instantly absorbs any and all hydrocarbons on soil, grass, and solid surfaces.

Economical Oil, Chemical Absorbents

BrownSorb is extremely economical

BrownSorb is typically 10 times more absorbent than conventional, clay-based products. You use far less BrownSorb to clean up any given spill. That typically translates to a 50% saving while delivering superior performance.

Oil, Water-based, Chemical Absorbents for Spills

Repels water

BrownSorb will not absorb water. It removes oils but leaves the water behind. This makes BrownSorb the ideal absorbent for cleaning up oil spills in wet environments.

Eco-Friendly Oil and Chemical Absorbents

All-natural cleanup technology

BrownSorb can be safely disposed of in landfills and reduces disposal costs by up to 75% when compared to clay.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 29 in

20 Gallon Drum, 25 Gallon Drum


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