Odor Removal & Deodorants Absorbent Solutions

With over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, we started our business in 2001. Our experts decided to bring that excellent automotive experience to offer both effective and timely solutions for odor, spills, and sanitizations. 

We are a Midwest leading provider of Automotive products including deodorization, sanitization, air freshener's and absorbents.  Please connect with us to find more details about 605 Products.


Quick Freshness

Your vehicle may often get filled with germs, bacteria, and viruses. Also, passengers may suffer badly due to the smell inside the car. Our deodorizations and absorbents are designed to remove unhealthy odor from your vehicle within 15 minutes.

Our cleaning products help you get some healthy and nice-smelling air inside the automobile. The deodorant distributors manufacture the best absorbents in the industry, effective and landfill-ready.

Exceptional Customer Experience

We provide customer-driven services under the supervision of,

  • Bob Lundin (CEO)

  • Jordan Boots (VP of Sales and Marketing)

  • Tony Mork (VP of Service and Support)

Our experts take pride in delivering constant customer support and the best products available on the market. We care for the customers and offer the best return on your investment with dedication and professionalism.